Laser Cutting and Etching.


At Metrix Create:Space lasers have been our focus since day one.  Everything is a little bit more awesome when you add laser.   

Our 100W and 50W CO2 lasers can cut and etch paper, wood, acrylic, acetate, linoleum, natural rubber, leather, and other non-toxic materials.  We cut material up to 30"x40" and up to 1/2" thick (depending on material qualities). Ask us about our anodized aluminum and wineglass/pint glass etching capabilites.

Designs can be created in any software that produces vector graphics. EPS format is preferred.

We carry a limited supply of baltic birch (3mm and 6mm) and acrylic (assorted size/color/thickness) .


Cutting/Etching of untested materials will require destructive testing for laser settings and a MSDS datasheet for toxicity.   Laser cutting is a subtractive process and satisfactory results cannot be 100% guaranteed.  Testing on one-of-a-kind items is not recommended.