If you've been in the shop lately, you've probably noticed the robots are multiplying.   This is only possible with awesome humans going through the process.

One group build is by 3D Central, SCCCs own 3D Print Club.  Formed by Daniel Aldridge earlier this year, their goal has been to build a club robot.  This October they started building during their weekly meet up events.     For being new to the process, they've been making excellent progress.

They're building a green OpenBeam Kossel Mini, recently featured in Make: Magazine's Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing.    

The shop team has also been building a cluster of Mini Kossels for the sole purpose of printing more kits, so its been a lot of fun swapping stories, parts and frustrations. 


Kossels aren't the only additions to the local robot population.  Gordon Messmer was just in recently to put some final touches on his beautiful purple reprap prusa.   

A long time friend and colleague of Matthew Wilson, this printer was one of the earliest sets printed by a Brainwave enabled printer, but as can often happen with projects, it lay dormant for some time.  Not much time really, but a year in 3D printing feels like forever. Maybe its just the suit and the instagram effect, but the Prusa just seems old-timey now.

I'd have to say seeing the results of Gordon's build that it was worth the wait.  The tidiness and build quality here is great!

If you're interested in meeting some more of the humans behind the 3D Printing effort in Seattle,  Check out 3D Thursday, the weekly 3D Printer night at Metrix Create:Space.   This week's event we are closed for Thanksgiving, but we will be back on Thursday December 5th!