Crowdfunding is something we generally stay behind-the-scenes with, but we think we've found something that really requires us to come out from behind the curtain.

Public intensive workshops are something that we've wanted to do for some time now.  We've done private workshops occasionally, but usually we have been approached with an idea, and then we've run with it.  They've always come out well, but our data has shown that advanced workshops are harder to promote and we've stayed with the Introduction series for the core of our workshop offerings.

With the addition of the LPKF and Advanced Circuit Lab, we have the ability to do something no other venue can.  We can take you through a complete design+build electronics exercise in a single day.

It's time for us to reach out.

From the campaign page...


Ever wanted an oven that would warn you if it was still on when you left the house? What about underwear that tells you when it needs washing? Are you making model rockets and you want to control them with your phone?   Maybe you just want to add another *thing* to the Internet, or learn the process of making electronics from scratch, soup to nuts.

After coming to our workshop, you'll have the hardware and the know-how to make it happen.

We are designing a workshop that will teach Android Developers how to use Bluetooth Low Energy in their own projects. By funding this campaign, you reserve your spot in this workshop. Your funds allow us to pre-order all of the parts that we need before you get here, give us an idea of the potential audience out there, and try out something new, without taking a whole lot of risk. 

When you come to this workshop, you will learn about BLE and you will get to make your very own custom BLE hardware device using Surface Mount Technology. 

The device will be a custom PCB, etched on site with a pre certified antenna module, so you wont need FCC approval on the radio.  The custom PCB will be designed by you, not us, but it can be forked from one of our open source reference designs.   We're going to not only provide you with the basics, we'll also have other parts on hand as well, so you can make more than just a simple beacon.

The workshop will cover:

  • An overview of Bluetooth Low Energy. What it is, how it works.
  • BLE Modules and how to use them in your schematic. 
  • Creating a schematic and PCB layout.
  • Rapid prototyping of PCB and SMT assembly
  • Basic BLE operations in Android.

The workshop will be in two 3 hour sections. The three hours will cover BLE and hardware. At the end of it you'll have a schematic and layout for a BLE module based board that suits your custom application.  

After a one hour break, the last half of the workshop will cover circuit assembly and programming.  

Workshops will be scheduled based on the number of people who donate. They will all be on a Saturday, and run from 12pm to 7pm with a 1 hour break in the middle.

Attendees should have a background in Android development and some electronics experience. Please bring a BLE enabled Android phone, a laptop set up for Android development, an account on upverter, and an idea.

tl;dr epic workshop coming, you have a week to sign up.  do it now.