Oh man. Support for our Indiegogo campaign to run intensive Bluetooth Low Energy workshops has been completely overwhelming. During the campaign itself, we blew past our goal, thanks in part to being tweeted by BoingBoing and BluetoothSIG.

We've continued to get emails since the campaign closed, from people who missed it but want to register, and from companies who want to support us.

We're thrilled to announce that Bluegiga will be providing the bluetooth modules themselves. We looked at a lot of modules before Bluegiga reached out to us, and they're really set apart by their ease of use and the phenomenal support material available on their website. We pride ourselves in being the most accessible, open-source makerspace around, so that feels like a great fit.

What you're seeing in this photo is the Bluegiga module on our BLE breakout board. That board is the secret sauce for your Bluetooth project-- the part that actually talks to your Android device. Right now, it's just letting you blink that LED with your phone. The part where it does something fancy? That's where you come in.

Also, did we mention we made it with lasers?

The official workshop dates are:

  • March 22 [SOLD OUT!]
  • April 5
  • April 19

We're still chasing down a couple of our Indiegogo backers, so we don't have exact numbers on how many spaces are available in each workshop, but we do know that they're all almost completely full. We will open the remaining spaces to the public on March 22 at $300 a seat. You'll want to move fast, because these spaces will go very quickly. If there's enough interest, we'll happily schedule a fourth date.

Excited? Got questions? Want to get on our radar as interested in those extra workshop spots? You can call the shop at (206) 357-9406, or contact workshop instructor Morgan Redfield at morgan@metrix.net.