If you've been waiting and wondering when we're going to hold another Intro to Arduino workshop again, today is your lucky day! We are holding it again on Tuesday, April 1 at 7:00 pm, and there are still spaces available. 

Whether you've had a project in mind for a while or are looking for something new to try, we will help you get your feet wet with the Arduino platform. We will cover basic Arduino programming and both digital and analog input and output. Through a series of hand-on exercises, you will learn basic Arduino programming and how to interface with LEDs, switches, and potentiometers. We will be using the Sparkfun's Arduino compatible RedBoard for this class.

The $60 workshop rate covers all the materials and two and a half hours of instruction. To sign up, give us a call (206 357 9406) or come down to our space on Broadway.  A laptop is required.