OK, so you know the difference between voltage and amperage, and you've built enough blinking LED circuits to give yourself a headache. But what's the difference between a pull-up and a pull-down resistor? How do you talk to a 3.3V sensor with a 5V microcontroller? Intro to Digital Electronics sets you up to understand the logic behind sophisticated circuits and design your own from scratch. 

This workshop pairs awesomely with Intro to Electronics for a thorough grounding, or with our weekly Circuit Church circuit design exercise, so you can branch out and get really unique boards made. 

You'll bring a laptop and Intro to Electronics-level knowledge; we'll supply an Adafruit Trinket and the expertise.

Topics covered will include basic digital concepts (edges, levels, active low/high, open
collector/drain, pull ups/pull downs), buffers, Schmitt triggers, shift registers, level shifters, and pulse-width modulation.

April 23, 7-9pm, $50, all materials included. Stop by the shop or call us at 206-357-9406 to reserve your seat.