Our redesigned two-day Bluetooth Low Energy workshop was incredibly successful, leaving enough space in the curriculum for a robust question-and-answer, plus independent work time with access to our facilitating EE, Morgan Redfield. We had participants coming from as far as Spokane to be a part of our unique mix of intensive technical education, banter with our Capitol Hill walk-in public, and free-flowing Cafe Vita dark roast. 

August 2 and 3, we are building on that success with another Bluetooth Low Energy weekend intensive. In this workshop, you'll build on any existing app design and electronics knowledge to learn how Bluetooth Low Energy works, what makes it different from Bluetooth Original, and everything you need to design, assemble, and test a custom circuit board/custom app pair.

You could build a phone-controlled cat toy. Or you could equip your house to only heat whatever room you (and your phone) are in. You could have your oven remind you to turn it off before you leave the house. Dream big! 

In order to get the most out of this workshop, you will need some base knowledge in electronics and/or app design plus an idea of what you'd like to accomplish. However, people of all experience levels and even a particularly brilliant teenager have participated and made huge progress.

Your $400 registration gets you eight hours of active instruction from Morgan Redfield, who specializes in Bluetooth Low Energy and wearable electronics, plus a custom prototype circuit board with same-day turnaround ($100-180 value). To sign up, stop by the shop, call us at (206) 357-9406, or register online.