We've got a whole spate of workshops up for the fall and early winter, plus plans for some mega-workshops after Christmas. (Don't worry-- we'll have them up in time to give them as gifts!)

The workshops basically fall into a couple of "tracks": A super comprehensive electronics track, which will actually take you from zero to making a custom robot in just a few months, a fabrics track that includes designing, repairing AND electrifying your clothes, a software track, and a couple of very exciting craft-oriented workshops.

The electronics track starts with Intro to Electronics (10/7), Intro to Arduino (10/14), and a new Mobile Sensors mega-workshop (10/18 and 10/19). Those three workshops are so complimentary, we're also offering them as a combo pack, which is $30 off registering for them individually. After that, the track continues with Intro to Soldering (10/21) and Connected Arduino: Bluetooth & Wifi (11/8 and 11/9), which sets you up to confidently assemble your prototype circuit, and let it work without being tethered to a USB cable. 

The fabrics track starts with Basic Clothing Repair (10/1) and continues with E-Textiles (11/12) and Custom-Fit Patternmaking (12/3). Basic Clothing repair is perfect if you always wear through your clothes in the same place or want to get basic sewing skills. E-Textiles will guide you through adding accelerometer-triggered LED pixels to a garment you bring, letting you twinkle when you move. The Custom-Fit Patternmaking class lets you walk out with bodice and sleeve pattern pieces that fit your body perfectly, meaning a whole world of perfectly fitting shirts and jackets awaits. (Keep your eyes open for a Custom Corset-Making workshop in the new year!)

Under the software umbrella is an intro to an intuitive, visual drag-and-drop program for App Design for Android (10/25), and Intro to Inkscape (11/19), which will let you design for the lasercutter.

And finally, we have a more experimental-crafts workshop in Spooky Sounds: Make Your Own Optical Theremin (10/26). In this workshop, you'll build a simpler version of a "true" theremin, then experiment with noises you can coax from it. This is a great one to take if you're less technical or with kids, but you still want to dip a toe into the world of hacking.

As always, call, email, or come in to learn more about these workshops. Happy fall!