Hey!  We've got an exciting series of workshops put together by resident engineer and awesome instructor Morgan Redfield.  It's the Light Sensitive Theremin Edition: in three parts!

First up of the series is Intro to Schematic Design. Morgan will guide you through making electronics schematics, which is the first step in both properly documenting and moving from the breadboard to custom made circuit boards. You'll learn how to do this on Upverter, a cloud-engineering platform for hardware design. This is a great chance to ask specific questions about using this platform and  discuss how to plan and go about designing your schematic. 

Next up is Intro to PCB Design-- you will learn to turn the light sensitive theremin schematic into a circuit board!  You will be guided through layout, finding parts and exporting a file that is ready for manufacturing. Fear this step no more, as you will learn to avoid common mistakes and ask an experienced engineer some specific advice that might help your future board-designing self. 

The last in the series is Intro to Surface Mount Soldering.  Have you become an expert with through-hole soldering and are ready to move further? Surface mount soldering is a powerful skill, you enter the world of tiny components which are used in most devices today.  You will learn hands on how to populate and solder an SMD circuit board and go home confident that you have a working board. 

You can read up more or sign up for these workshops on our Calendar or Buy & Learn page.  You can always email, call, or stop in with questions!