Regulars at Metrix are familiar with the brilliant Christina Cyr, one of our favorite folks. Christina is the creator of the Cyrcle, a smartphone designed for women and the premier product for Christina's company dToor, specializing in feminine-forward, non-rectangular designs. 

The Cyrcle


The Cyrcle is open sourced and features a circular shape. The choice to go curved is utilitarian as much as it's aesthetic: women's pockets--think fitted jeans--are rounded and not as deep as men's. Long, rectangular tablet-style phones chronically jut out of our pockets and are awkward when we sit. Much of our clothing is not even made with pockets. With this in mind, Christina brings us her invention, fitting comfortably and with an option to clip onto clothes. Christina asks: "Why should women--who are smartphone superusers--be forced to communicate through a second device?" Rather than tie ourselves to cables and headsets, we can now enjoy the functionality of the original device without accoutrements and slippage. 

In late February, Christina debuted dToor and the Cyrcle in Barcelona for the 2016 Mobile World Congress, as part of the 4 Years From Now (4YFN) startup hall. The Mobile World Congress is the largest event in the industry, peaking this year at over 110,000 attendees. A smashing success, dToor was interviewed by UK, French and Spanish journalists. Folks were especially excited that dToor is woman-led, founded and owned--and it's no secret tech development fields are typically male-dominated across the board. Christina says many people were skeptical about the Cyrcle until they held, felt and pocketed it--then they asked where they could buy it, underscoring that touch and physicality still tap into our most basic sensibilities even as we interact with machines as much as with each other. 

What's next for Christina and the Cyrcle? dToor is offering a limited release of the prototype on Kickstarter this August. Until then, look out for Christina when you visit Metrix--she teaches Intro to Electronics workshops with us and is always enthusiastic to chat, learn and share. 

dToor at 2016 Mobile World Congress