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Intro to E-textiles 6/17


Sew a circuit!  In this workshop, you will learn the basics of e-textiles by sewing a plush firefly that lights up in the dark.  Our next workshop is 7 - 9:30 PM on Monday, June 17.

What are e-textiles?  E-textiles, or electronic textiles, are fabrics with electronics integrated in them.  The firefly has a circuit that is sewn together using conductive thread.

No prior knowledge of electronics or sewing required.  All materials included for $50.  Call 206-357-9406 or come down to the shop to sign up.  Space is limited.

Got some extra time? Stay late and Hack Your Clothes!

LilyPad Arduino 4/15 7-9:30 PM


Join us for the first LilyPad Arduino workshop on Monday, April 15th!  This workshop is designed for people new to microcontrollers and interested in e-textiles. The LilyPad Arduino has been developed for sewable microprocessor applications. We will use the LilyPad to learn how to program a microcontroller and interface it with electronic components. No prior knowledge of electronics or programming required, however taking the “Hello World” workshop will give you a good foundation for the programming component. Please bring a laptop with the Arduino IDE and drivers installed ( All materials are included in the $60 workshop fee. Call (206-357-9406) or come down to the shop to sign up. Space is limited.