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Music Collaboration Night: House Friday with DJ Zhenia

Speaking of collaboration nights, we’ve got a fourth: House Friday with DJ Zhenia. That’s the working title, anyway. If you’re got a better name, we’re open to suggestions.

DJ Zhenia sez, “I enjoy playing music somewhere other than my house and I think that other people would enjoy playing around with midis. Since Metrix has a lot of microcontrollers I’d like to work with people to create midi instruments. I want Friday nights to be about collaborating on computer-produced music, like unofficial studio time with an open-source feel.”

If you’re interested in helping to run Metrix’s new digital music collaboration night, get ahold of DJ Zhenia at darksidednb(at)gmail(dot)com. You can find a sample set of his music here


Piano Monster, and the start of Thursday music night

Friday April 2nd, Chapel will be having a performance by pianist Tiffany Lin of a new evening length composition scored for retuned piano and a new mechanical extension called the Piano Monster built by NYC artist  Ranjit Bhatnagar that uses 16 MIDI triggered voltage controlled motors with attached objects that resonate piano strings.

On Thursday (April 1st) at 7PM, we will be peeking behind the scenes, and Ranjit, Tiffany and Zach will let us know what it took to put this project together, do some final electronics tweaking, and show off some of their other projects.  

For the past month or so, we’ve been trying to kick off a weekly music hacking night, and this is the type of catalyst that we need.  If you’ve been interested in making an instrument, or just hacking electronic tunes, bring down your projects and lets see if we can make some pre-weekend noise!