Monday can be a quiet night on Capitol Hill. Folks are still recovering from the weekend and so there aren’t many events especially on Monday nights. The thing is it’s still nice to have something to do if you feel like it. Maybe you have to work weekends and Monday is your first day off or maybe you’re just up for something to do. 

Because this is the Metrix Blog and I work here, my first suggestion would be to come on down to Metrix. But we too are without a special event on Monday nights. I say we change that. We’ve got Kraft Nite (Tues), Hack Night (Wed), Music Night (Fri) and MakerBot Madness (Sat.). What else should we add to the roster?  Can you think of something that absolutely belongs on a Monday night?  Or a Thursday or Sunday night for that matter?  Give us your suggestions! (In person is best, but you can click the contact link to the left and get ahold of us that way too) Between all of us we’re bound to think up something awesome.