October is coming, and with that, our one year anniversary (party details coming soon).   As many of you know, we are expanding, and working towards our mission of having a space where you can make anything, big or small.   Lately, in addition to all of this, we’ve been giving some attention to a few of our local artists and helping them make some awesome things.   

SuttonBeresCuller have been working in open studio at the Henry Art Museum and building Panoptos, an art installation (giant robot) that will be unveiled and publicly interactive on October 1st for the Henry’s Fall Open House. We have been quietly helping, and even got a chance to get out of the basement (and into the Henry’s) for some robot troubleshooting, it’s only a few frames in their super cool build video, but it was a blast to be a part of their awesome project.   We have heard the Henry Open Houses are a really good time, so we won’t be offended if you spend your Friday night playing with their robots instead of ours.  

Henry Art Gallery Installation from SuttonBeresCuller on Vimeo.

Another super exciting development is that Meghan Trainor, a DXArts doctoral student, instructor and super busy visual artist, has accepted our offer to be the first official artist-in-residence at Metrix Create:Space.

   What this means is that in addition to our normal chaos, there will be bona-fide art insanity as Meghan goes through our toolboxes, gets deep with the machines and installs a unique creation in our space that could only have been made in our space.