Just took the Intro to Arduino workshop and looking for ways to move forward with your board? Been tinkering with Arduinos but need something a bit more structured to get into the programming side of the interface? Feeling adventurous and looking to just jump into the Arduino platform?

Come to the Advanced Arduino Workshop on Tuesday, 9/18 at 7 PM.

We will be using analog input sensors to learn sensor calibration, data reading, and translation of the numeric voltage variation output into real information. The workshop focuses on the programming side of the Arduino platform and the range of options for extracting useful data from various analog sensors. 

The workshop rate ($50) includes 2 hours of instruction and the materials necessary for the class (sensors, resistors, etc). You will need a laptop with the Arduino IDE installed as well as your own Arduino board. No programming experience is necessary for the class. Minimal knowledge of the Arduino hardware and software is expected.

To sign up, give us a call (206 357 9406) or come down to our shop on Broadway.