make something awesome

Last month was pretty crazy around the shop.  We pushed out over 50 sets of RepRap Clonedel parts, and we sent molds out far and wide.   We got a visit this weekend from the Electromagnate folks doing their Kickstarter-funded Documentary, and we got invited to 3D DC, a conference in the other Washington to do some dog and pony about 3D printing and Intellectual Property (check out their whitepaper).  We got a rundown on the Open3DP Powder printer, and started doing some customer runs on ours ($35 for a takeout box sized print).  Our Doctor-Intern Lisa has been making awesome progress on the Tilt Mill, and Sutton Beres Culler, our favorite artist-trio has been cranking out an amazing project for their upcoming New York trip.

We had our first EL Wire workshop, our first OpenSCAD workshop, and finished up our Arduino Outreach program at the Bush School. We hosted an amazing Makerbot/Mendel User Group Meetup, and started working on our own shop Clonedel.   As always, I forget to mention things on the blog, and even though we regularly update our Flickr Stream, I always miss some of the awesome that goes on.  If you’ve got a project that you want us to write about in depth, email

_DSC5727.JPG_DSC5748.JPG_DSC5655.JPGmakerbot challenge_DSC5809.JPG_DSC5717.JPG