You may have heard on the Social whatsits that Chase and LivingSocial are awarding 12 $250,000 grants at Mission: Small Business.    We heard about it too, and it seems legit. Now we’re trying to get our hat in the ring because that is a lot of money that we could use for awesome stuff.  There is one day left for voting, and then the panelists get to judge who gets the cash.  To qualify, you need 250 votes and an essay about all the awesome stuff you would do with the money.  We’re working on the essay, but we need the votes or it is moot.  You trust us to do something awesome right?

To vote for us, it is simple.  Go to the Mission: Small Business site.  Log in to the “Log in and Support” side using your facebook account (it doesn’t ask for lots of permissions, its just an authentication).  Search for metrix and click Vote next to Metrix Create:Space.

That’s it.   Maybe tell a friend.

We need about 80 votes by tomorrow.  you folks can swing that right?

Also, since I mentioned it. 

You know we’re having a big ol launch party for OpenBeam tonight at 8 right?  Adult beverages, and awesome building materials, lasers, cnc dinosaurs. Wonderful people. Make sure you are there.