We know you like workshops, and we like teaching them to you. We’re hard at work making new workshops, but it’s difficult making workshops that are cost effective. We want to provide you with good supplies, pay our teachers well enough to make them do it again, and make enough money to pay for the space. That all adds up, especially with hardware intensive workshops.

In order to maintain the high quality workshops we’ve been hosting, we’re going to increase the price of workshops to $50 per workshop. If you’re a basic member, your workshop price will stay at $40, so you won’t even notice this. Full members actually make out on the deal, since we’ll be charging them $35 per workshop.

The new workshop prices will take effect for all workshops starting in April. We’ll also be debuting two new workshops next month, so stay tuned for those.

Introduction to Electronics
We’ll be having two of these throughout April. These are one day workshops, so don’t register for more than one.
Sunday, April 11 from 2 to 4:30
Sunday, April 25 from 2 to 4:30
Cost: $50 for non-members
This workshop covers everything you need to know to get started in electronics. We’ll start from the basics of electricity and work our way up to using integrated circuits. You’ll leave the class with some simple components and the knowledge to use them.

Intro to Soldering
Sunday, April 18 from 2 to 4:30
Cost: $50 for non-members
This workshop will go over soldering through hole components. We’ll give you an electronics kit and walk you through putting it together, giving you all the tips and soldering techniques you need to make it work. We’ll also give you a soldering station along with the class.


This is actually a series of individual workshops, rather than a single workshop. Each workshop will build on the material in the workshop before it. Feel free to come to only the ones you want.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to bring a laptop with USB for all of these workshops. We have one laptop available for rental for each class if you need it, but be sure to tell us that you need it when you sign up.

Intro to the Arduino
Tuesday, April 13 from 6:30 to 8:30
Cost: $50 for non-members
This workshop will cover the basics of the Arduino. We’ll go over what it is, what it can do, and why you’d want to use it. We’ll also go over a couple of basic programs. This course is great for people who’ve never programmed before and have no microcontroller experience. We’ll give you an Arduino, a breadboard, and some simple components.

Programming for the Arduino
Tuesday, April 20 from 6:30 to 8:30
Cost: $50 for non-members
Now that you’ve gotten some familiarity with the Arduino, it’s time to learn how to program the thing. We’ll cover programming basics like functions, loops, and conditionals. We’ll also talk about how to use classes, though we won’t be writing any.
This class requires an arduino and breadboard.

Advanced Input and Output
Tuesday, April 27 from 6:30 to 8:30
Cost: $50 for non-members
The importance of the Arduino is mostly in how you can interface it with the rest of the analog world. We’ll talk about using analog inputs to sense light and sound. We’ll also go over using PWM to control the brightness of LEDs. Lastly, we’ll cover how to use servo motors.
This class comes with several sensors and other components. You’ll need a breadboard and Arduino.

Arduino Robots
Tuesday, May 4 from 6:30 to 8:30
Cost: $50 for non-members
This last Arduino workshop will wrap everything from the other workshops together into an interesting project. We’ll spend the class integrating sensors, motors, and various programming techniques into a line following robot car. We’ll give you most of the supplies, but you’ll also need everything from the other three workshops (which you can buy separately if you only want to take this class).