Arduino is an open source prototyping platform.  It combines a microcontroller (computer brain) with input and output ports to enable virtually any project.


Example projects range from playful, like LED cubes, to practical, like a mouse trap!

Two workshops will be held on Sunday: Intro to Arduino from 2-4 pm, and Arduino Programming from 5-7 pm.  The Intro to Arduino workshop will cover the basics of what an arduino is, how it works, and gets you started controlling the world around you (and making lights blink and stuff). An arduino functions like a tiny computer. You give it commands (by programming it) and it executes them one at a time.  Only the most basic programming is covered in this workshop.

Arduino Programming goes into more depth about how to get the arduino to do what you want.  One of the functions we’ll talk about is the “if” statement.  ”If” statements tell the arduino to evaluate an expression (i.e. is the value on input0 greater than 512, etc) and do separate things based on whether that statement is true or false.  You can put lots of these in a row (nested “if” statements) to evaluate several possible states (i.e. if input0 < 100 -> do X, if input0 < 200 -> do Y, etc).  ”If” statements are one of the fundamental logic statements that are useful to control your arduino.

Taking both workshops will give you the biggest headstart into doing awesome projects with your arduino.