Ever since I started getting into electronics, I’ve been tearing apart any old toys I can get my hands on. Sometimes I do this so I can grab some parts out of them. Sometimes I do this just to see how they work. It’s always fun though. Well, it’s fun right up until I have to clean up.

The problem with tearing apart electronics, and with electronics design in general, is that it generates a lot of toxic waste. PCBs, LCDs, and dead batteries are not safe things to throw away. I kind of like the environment, so I feel bad about just tossing this stuff. By this point, I’ve amassed a big collection of PCBs that I eventually plan to recycle safely.

Luckily, I work at Metrix. Before, I’d always put off taking my electronic waste to the recycling center because it was so far away. This week, the Create:Space is starting up an electronics recycling program. I’m going to be making heavy use of it myself, and I hope you will too. It beats throwing all that toxic waste in the dump.

We’ll recycle old phones, batteries, mother boards, and basically any kind of electronic waste you’ve got. There are some exceptions though. We don’t take anything that’s wet, or contains some form of fluid. We also can’t take monitors with broken screens, and whole monitors cost $15 each.

With that in mind, here are our prices:
Full members can recycle any amount of anything for free.

Basic members can recycle three things a day for free. Any more than that is $1 per item.

The general public can recycle anything for $1 per item.