We’ve made some changes to pricing for our laser cutter, as well as our “no-cut list”.

Most notably, we’re now charging an extra 50¢ per minute for cutting acrylic (even the acrylic we stock) and other substances that smell up the shop too much. This surcharge is applied after any discounts, so large acrylic jobs that used to be $1/minute are now $1.50/minute.

And now, the chemistry. Due to safety concerns, we’ve never cut materials containing halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine, and ununseptium). These elements, when burned, form a poisonous gas. Common substances containing halogen elements are PVC plastics, including most vinyls (chlorine), and teflon (fluorine).

If you’re not sure whether a substance contains halogens, the most reliable way to tell is to look up its materials safety data sheet.  Failing that, we can perform a flame test on it. This will detect the presence of halogens, except for fluorine. NYC Resistor has a good post about flame tests that you might want to check out.

Most other plastics are safe to cut, though we’re not willing to cut the smellier ones, such as styrenes (ABS).

We also have an absolute ban on stingray leather (aka stinkray). Regular cow leather is okay, though it’s a bit noxious.

We don’t want to stink up the shop or poison ourselves (and you!), not because we like making up rules, but because we like to make Metrix Create:Space a good place to hang out and make things.