It’s just that we don’t put it in our signage because “Metrix:Create Collaboration Space” would be a mouthful.  But who knows, maybe we should. Because one of the things that’s easy to overlook about Metrix is that the real point of running a shared workshop is so that people can work/create/chat/etc. together. 

It’s all well and good to come down to Metrix and just work alone on your project of the day, but besides the change in scenery, you could be doing that at home alone in your apartment. The real difference is that at Metrix, you are guaranteed to be around people you can bounce ideas off of. And since this is not your living room, you might actually meet new people, thus discovering new ideas and new ways of looking at things.  In my experience, when cool ideas in one person’s head collide with the cool ideas in another person’s head, events and inventions occurs that are exponentially cooler than if the ideas just existed isolated and lonely in their separate brain homes.

Another difference between Metrix and your apartment (besides the part where you have to be fully clothed) is that Metrix also has a metric ass-ton of tools that most people in this city don’t have the money to buy or the space to store.  This metric ass-ton of tools is a direct consequence of the whole collaborative/shared space/share resources thing.

The benefit of Metrix’s product-sharing/use-focused business model is that by renting time on a shared resource instead of buying it, the customer doesn’t have to deal with the expense or hassle of ownership, storage or maintenance of the said resource. All they have to do is rent it out when they need it. It’s also a much more efficient and sustainable model than ownership because one MakerBot or lasercutter can serve the needs of dozens or hundreds of people instead of just a few.

So come down here and start collaborating. It’s way more fun/productive/green/full of win than working by yourself at your apartment. Also, all the cool kids are doing it.