To continue the theme of how our middle name is collaboration, I now turn to our weekly collaboration nights.

  • Kraft Nite is every Tuesday evening and the focus is on things you make with you hands. Usually we get a lot of knitting, sewing and gluing, but I take Kraft Nite to include everything from soldering to crochet to paper-making.
  • Wednesday nights are Hack Night; then it’s all about fooling around with code and using your computer to talk to phone systems in Palau (yes, someone has done that here-not for any particular reason, just to do it). 
  • MakerBot Madness is on Saturday evenings and involves us bringing out all our 3D printers out to play with everyone else’s 3D printers.

If we’re about collaboration and making neat stuff all the time, why have certain nights focus on certain activities? Simply because you can work on just about anything here. It’s a roll of the dice who will be here working on what at any given moment. With focused collaboration nights, you’re guaranteed a concentration of certain makers and projects, i.e. a little community thinktank focused on one general topic.

If you have no idea why you’re MakerBot won’t work, come on Saturday, if you want to learn obscure facts about phone systems, you come on Wednesday, etc. At Metrix, we’re not just building a pool of shared resources; we’re working on a pool of shared knowledge as well.

We don’t need to stop at three community/collaboration nights. If you’re into mapmaking or steampunk modding or whatever, and think it’ll draw a crowd, come talk to us about setting up a night. The more communities we make, the merrier.