This blog has seen a lot of interviews with people working on really neat electronics, coding, building, and DIY projects. It’s the sort of thing that Metrix was created and is now known for. But those aren’t the only things that happen here! I recently got the chance to talk with Ryan DeMita, a video game concept artist who sometimes uses Metrix as an office for working on his artwork. As someone who has been playing video games for years, concept art is something that I’ve always really enjoyed looking at; it was really neat to finally meet someone who makes it for a living!
40+86 Tablet

I started out by asking him what it takes to become a concept artist. “Concept art is weird because it marries illustration and design. There’s no really good education for it.” He told me that normally people either study illustration or design, and don’t go between. Ryan got his degree in industrial design, but also creates fine art. Unlike some people I’ve read about who get into his industry because of their love for video games, he gravitated toward his job because it’s one of the few ways you can be an artist and make a living in a nine to five job (I wish I was in his position!).
Of course when you work so many hours a week illustrating, there’s always a chance for burn-out. To combat this, he brings paints to the shop to work on something more traditional. And because of his design background, he’s used some of the tools (including the laser cutter) for working on personal projects (he’d love an excuse to try to make something out of glass). I asked him if he thought the store was a good place in general for artists as well as makers, and he said absolutely. “Any of the things in the store can be used as an art medium”, he told me. “You can print sculptures, you can cut out reliefs with the laser, or make little toys.”
Ryan comes to Metrix twice a week at least, sometimes more. Like others who hang out at the shop, he has a desk at home, but it can be difficult and repetitive to stay at home to work all the time. “The thing that’s cool about Metrix” he said, “is that it doesn’t feel like an office. It’s not work, it’s not home, it’s a nice inbetween.”
I’m glad the store could fit his needs so well! Are you an artist? Stop by and see how creative you can get!
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(40+86 Tablet photo by bark)