Join us on Sunday, February 24th 2013 at 7 PM for the first in a series of workshops on design for 3D Printing!

I will explain principles and considerations for the design of a 3D print.  No previous 3D printing experience is required as we build a foundation of knowledge for designing models with intent of printing them in plastic on a 3D printer.  

3D Printing has made its way to the consumer-level and the significance of this technology is changing the way we think about commerce, consumption, production, hacking, repair and design. 

It’s not just for prototypes anymore!  With 3D printers dropping in price and improving in print quality, countless people are using 3D printing to create everything from works of art to toys and models; robotic linkages and prosthetic limbs to wall hangars and switch covers.  But like all technologies, to get what you want, you need to give the machine what it needs.  

In the case of 3D printing, you need to provide the machine with a clean, feasible model to print.  3D printing has its limitations like all manufacturing processes do and you need to know what those are if you want to have consistently successful 3D prints. 

This first workshop covers a brief history of the technology, the mechanics of a 3D printer and the physical limitations, quirks and (mis)behaviors of 3D printing with plastic.  By the end, 3D printing should be a whole lot less mysterious or intimidating and you can move on to using design software to bring your ideas to life!

The workshop rate ($50) includes 2 hours of instruction.   Call (206-357-9406) or come down to the shop to sign up. Space is limited.  

No supplies are required but taking notes is recommended.  If you have an idea of something you are wanting to print, bring it up and we can break it down to determine the ways to make it printable! 

Feel free to look at some of my designs and the designs of others on the “Thingiverse” website to get a feel for the kinds of ideas and designs people are coming up with! 

See you soon! 

Brent J. Rosenburgh

(a.k.a.  Erik J. Durwood II)