Sustainable Capitol Hill took their meeting on the road tonight and came down to Metrix:Create Space to make worm composting bins. It looked like they had a great deal of fun with giant plastic bins, cordless drills and tearing up a great deal of newspaper.  Cheap, easy assembly, and you just need two plastic bins (one for worms and worm food, the other to catch the drips), a power drill, a boxcutter and two teeny vents.  And let’s not forget the earthworms and their worm food (damp newspaper and food scraps).

The bins they made were a great deal like ones described in this guide, but SCH got fancy and bought little tiny vent covers to insert in the top of the bins (see picture number three).  This only requires a trip to the hardware store, an outlay of a few more dollars, and a couple more minutes work with a boxcutter. If you really want to make sure your earthworm buddies get enough air, it seems like it’s worth the effort.

This worm bin can be kept indoors or outdoors. The double bin construction prevents leaks and if you maintain your new worm friends well, the contents of the bin will just smell like good rich soil. The SCH folks did mention the possibility of fly problems, but they said that if the bin is never outdoors (and I assume, flies don’t get in your house a lot), flies won’t have the chance to invade, lay eggs and be a nuisance.