February workshop schedule

imageWe have one workshop left for January! Here it is with most of the February schedule.  To reserve your spot in any of these workshops, call the shop (206-357-9406) or drop by.  Workshops are $50 and include all materials unless noted.  Check out our calendar for more details.

Inkscape for Laser Engraver, Monday, January 28th, 7-9:30 PM. Laptop required with Inkscape installed.

Intro to E-textiles, Monday, February 4th, 7-9:30 PM

Intro to Electronics, Monday, February 11th, 7-9 PM

3D Design with OpenSCAD, Sunday, February 17th, 2-4 PM. Laptop required with OpenSCAD installed.

Intro to Arduino, Monday February 18th,  7-9:30 PM ($60).  Laptop required with Arduino IDE installed.

Inkscape for Laser Engraver, Tuesday, February 19th, 7-9:30 PM

"Hello World": Programming for Beginners, Monday, February 25th, 7-9 PM 
Stay tuned for Soldering 101, Circuit Board Design and more!