Have you always had a really awesome laser cut design you’ve wanted to do but were worried about the price? Are you new to laser cutting and engraving and want to try it out without having to think about cost?

Take advantage of our incredible flat rate deal !

We have a small supply of 3mm birch plywood planks (5”x12”) and for a limited time you can purchase them for $15 each and laser cut, etch, or engrave anything you want on them no matter how long the design takes. However the job must be completed in one run, i.e. you can’t bring the same plank multiple times for different small jobs. There is no restriction on when you use your plank. Get one for yourself or get it as a gift for a friend who needs a project. No limit on quantity. 

The laser cutter operational hours are still 8PM-12AM but you can always purchase your flat rate plank during the day and leave it with your design for us to cut in the evening.