Workshops! Makeshops!

All workshops are $50 unless otherwise noted.  Makeshops are $25 unless otherwise noted.  To sign up, call or stop by.  See you here!

TOMORROW from 7-9pm: Arduino Shields!

Sunday, March 27 2-4pm: Open SCAD

Saturday, April 2 2-4pm: Basics of Working with EL Wire
Working with EL wire is easy!  In this workshop you will learn the basics of working with electroluminescent wire. At the end of the workshop, you will walk out with a piece of EL wire firmly attached to a driver.  You will also walk out with the knowledge and confidence you need to start your first real EL wire project.

Tuesday, April 5 7-9pm: Intro to Arduino

Thursday, April 7 7-9pm: Introduction to Transistors
Transistors rule the modern world! Your computers, audio amplifiers, and some other third thing are all made possible by the magic of transistors. In this workshop, you’ll learn about how semiconductor junctions lead to transistor behavior, and how that can be used in logic gates and amplifiers. You’ll use bipolar junction transistors in functional circuits that demonstrate these concepts. This workshop will build on the information in the Intro to Electronics workshop. Understanding of the material in that workshop is a prerequisite. Please bring a breadboard and multimeter. 

Saturday, April 16 2-6pm: Makeshop: Sensors and Your Arduino
Come to this makeshop with an idea, your arduino, breadboard and any materials you need for your project that are not provided.  The makeshop will be $25.  Provided with the makeshop are: a temp sensor, a hall effect sensor + magnet, LEDS, wire, and resistors.  A materials fee of $10 will also get you: a force sensor, phototransistor, microphone & amp, and led bar graph.  Morgan will be on hand to facilitate!  Bring a friend and make something awesome! 

Sunday, April 17 2-4:30pm: Inkscape for the Laser Engraver

Tuesday, April 19 7-9pm: Branding and Packaging

Saturday, April 23 2-4pm: Basics of Working with EL Wire

Sunday, April 24 2-4:30pm: Intro to Electronics

Saturday, April 30 2-5pm: Mother’s Day Card Makeshop
Come make your mom an awesome Mother’s Day card.  A brief introduction to Inkscape will be provided at the beginning.  Allison will be here to assist you with your design.  Please bring a laptop with Inkscape installed.  The workshop will be $25.  Bring your mom and get $5 off!

Sunday, May 8 2-4pm: Intro to Arduino
Sunday, May 8 5-7pm: Programming for the Arduino

Saturday, May 14 2-4pm: Basics of Working with EL Wire

Sunday, May 15 2-4:30pm: Inkscape for the Laser Engraver