Are you looking for an activity that distracts you (or your child) for a couple of hours, is fun and lets you get something AWESOME at the end that you’ve created? Look no further! I will be leading a Holiday Card makeshop this coming Saturday, December 10, from 2-4. Only $25!!!


Never been to a makeshop? The idea is simple. Metrix provides the materials and tools, you bring your computer and your brain and I will be there for two hours to help guide you on how to use Inkscape to cut paper for your cards! This is not the in-depth workshop that I normally lead on Inkscape. The point of this is to be creative, and let me help you out if you get stuck. Make as many cards as you have time for!


This is great for the whole family! Start your kids early on lasers! Make up to Grandma for all those missing thank-you notes with something handmade!


Call Metrix to sign up!