You can still check off “Learning Arduino” and “Making something awesome” from your 2012 New Year’s resolution list. Come to the Intro to Arduino Workshop on Monday, December 10th at 7 PM

The workshop is designed for beginners with the Arduino microcontroller platform. Arduino is a versatile hardware/software system that can be used for projects of varying scales and complexities that span a wide range of applications, from robotic toys to home monitoring systems, light installations, and kinetic artwork. We will be going over the board hardware, how it works, how to physically interact with it, and how to control it. We will also look at the Arduino programming interface and how to talk to the hardware through the software. After a detailed overview of the system we will go through a series of hands-on circuit building exercises designed to take you through the basic applications of the Arduino. No previous electronics or programming experience is necessary. The workshop rate ($60) covers all of the materials, including the latest generation Arduino Uno board. You need to bring a computer with the Arduino IDE installed (arduino.cc). To sign up give us a call (206.357.9406) or come down to our shop on Broadway East. Space is limited.