Feel that a regular holiday card this season just isn’t going to cut it? Make a re-programmable board that displays whatever holiday cheer message you give it. Bonus: Program it remotely to show the appropriate messages of well-wishing at all other special occasions.

Feel that all the time you have to spend with your family this holiday season is taking you away from your social media? Make holiday lights that respond to Twitter feeds.

Determined to beat your neighbors in the holiday house decorating contest? Make a multi-blink pattern, GPS timed lighting display that will be the envy of your whole block, and maybe even the next block over. 

All of this is possible with just one tiny microcontroller board: Arduino!

Come to the Intro to Arduino Workshop, this Thursday, December 1 to learn how an Arduino board works and how you can program it for your exciting holiday projects. We will be going over the basics of the board, how to talk to it with your computer, and how to interface it with hardware. All you need to bring to the workshop is yourself and your computer. We’ll provide the Arduino boards and electronics.

What: Intro to Arduino Workshop

When: Thursday, December 1, 7-9PM

Where: Metrix Create: Space

Why: Because you want to make everyone jealous

How: Call or come in to sign up

Cost: $60 [includes instruction time, Arduino board, and electronics components]