Jesse and Angela (pic 2, right) were down here tonight make some nifty LED light boards (pics 1 & 4) - when those things are on it’s like Christmas all over again. You can’t see it in the still shots, but they can be programmed to oscillate and generally look even more spectacular. They’re from a kit for LED light bricks, but Angela and Jesse are going to put them in a translucent acrylic case rather than setting them in an acrylic brick so they can access the board to reprogram it later if they want.

Their friends Kevin and Jaime (pic 2, left) were also down here putting together bliplaces (pic 3), sound-reactive LED button kits they got from the vending machine of wonder. That’s a pretty impressive night’s work for some first-time solderers, and they got to walk away with a badass homemade piece of shiny.

~ Jen