New workshop time!

Prompted by the shop’s collection of 7400-series integrated circuits, I’m going to be teaching a workshop on digital logic design on Saturday, January 14 2011. Digital logic is the sort of thing that makes up a computer at the deepest, darkest level — we’re talking trues and falses, ands, ors, and nots.

You might have used an Arduino to control a simple circuit before, and thought to yourself “there’s got to be a simpler way”. For many things, there is! If you’re triggering a set of operations in a row, or waiting for certain conditions to be satisfied before another action will happen, then a simple digital logic circuit is probably all you need to use.

In this workshop, we’ll be making a few different things, such as a push-on-push-off switch and a bar-graph display. We’ll go over design techniques like truth tables and Karnaugh maps, which let you design logic circuits with just a pencil and paper.

You should be familiar with electronics before taking this workshop. If you’ve taken the Intro to Electronics workshop, you should be all set!

Like all of our workshops, you’ll walk away with some fun things. You’ll get a breadboard and a selection of ICs, LEDs and buttons and a textbook with information on how each and every 7400-series IC works internally.