Can’t wait to try out 3D printing? Not convinced that 3D printing actually exists? Need custom characters for your next stop-motion animation? Come learn how to make your very own 3D drawing files for the 3D printer with OpenSCAD. 

The workshop will be held on Sunday, June 17, 2-4 PM.

This workshop, designed for beginners to 3D modeling, will teach the basics of OpenSCAD. No CAD or programming experience is required. We will cover the user interface, basic shapes, transformations, Boolean operations, and exporting for 3D printing. When we are done you should have the knowledge to make basic models and be able to understand other people’s files.

What to bring:

Laptop with OpenSCAD installled. (available here: http://www.openscad.org/)

Mouse with scroll wheel (optional) - a scroll wheel makes zooming easier but it is not required

To sign up give us a call (206 357 9406) or come down to the Metrix Create: Space shop  on Broadway. The workshop rate is $50 which includes a small powder 3D print.