You’ve probably heard of Metrix’s workshops, but have you heard of their makeshops? If not, don’t feel bad, they’re new! In fact, the first one is tomorrow night (Tuesday) from 7-9!

Wondering what, exactly, a makeshop is? Well, everyone starts out with the same hardware provided by Metrix, then you have two hours of free time to build something with what you’re given- all the tools in the store are open to use! There will be one or two experts on hand to give advice in case you get stuck, so don’t feel intimidated.
Each makeshop has a theme, and tomorrow’s theme is Blinking LEDs. Bring something to put LEDs into and make it awesome! If you don’t have anything to spare, don’t worry, Metrix will have materials for New Year’s party hats (perfect for attracting that midnight kiss).

Prices vary per makeshop, depending on what materials you’re given, and this coming makeshop is only $25! I’ll be there, and I hope to see you.