You won’t be able to resist our newest workshop series that will make you a master of all things awesome!

The series will consist of five classes offered every Tuesday in the five consecutive weeks starting with the Intro to Electronics workshop on August 28 at 7 PM.

Each of the workshops will introduce you to a basic element of learning how to interact with and control your environment and various elements in it through electronics and programming. The series will consist of three introductory workshops and two more advanced ones that tie in the concepts you will learn in the first three. All of these will be hands on workshops. You can take each one as a stand alone workshop or you can take a combination of them based on your skill level and interests. Check out our August and September calendar (http://metrixcreatespace.com/calendar) for the whole series.

The first one of the series, Intro to Electronics, will introduce you to some of the basics of electronics, including standard components, circuit building, and voltage and current. This workshop will give you the foundation you might need to work on your own electronics projects or to move into the world of microcontrollers and interactivity.

All the materials are included in the $50 workshop rate.

Give us a call (206 357 9406) or come down to the Metrix Create: Space shop on Broadway to reserve your spot.