Besides commemorating our 2-Year Anniversary with a range of apple beverages, we will be holding the very first

                        Metrix Create:Contest / 3D Tangram Edition

Contest Rules:

  • each entry must use at least one 3D Tangram kit; no maximum limit
  • unlimited number of entries per person
  • each entry can win only in one category
  • $4 per kit
  • winners do not have to be present at time of judging; contestants must label creations and leave contact information if leaving before judging
  • judges will not be employees of Metrix Create: Space

Categories (subject to change at judges’ discretion):

Most Creative


Most Surprising

Simplest yet Novel

And now the best part…


Set of Custom Cast Glass Space Invaders


These awesome glass space invaders have a nice weighty feel to them and combine digital and analog fabrication methods developed right here at Metrix.

One of a Kind Ceramic Shotglass


You can own one of 10 unique shotglasses that combine centuries old techniques of ceramic casting and hand glazing with cutting edge 3D digital design and production methods. 

Signed photograph by Matt Westervelt: high quality print on canvas              (5 small and 1 large)


Matt owns many fancy cameras and he knows how to use them WELL. These are well worth getting creative with some cardboard geometric pieces.

$25 Metrix Create: Space Gift Certificates (2)


The possibilities are endless! Some ways you can use your certificate:

  • 3D print a miniature replica of yourself
  • laser cut a likeness of your favorite constellation 
  • buy enough LEDS and electronics components to spell out your name in lights in your entryway
  • embroider 2.5 hours worth of patches stating your various opinions
  • make an epic sculpture for your private neon audience (see below)

Sack of Neon Audience


Whether you have visions of grandeur or like your quiet time, the Sack of Neon Audience provides you with the silent adulation everyone needs sometimes. Carry it around with you and assemble as needed anywhere anytime.

Ten Tangram Kits


Make a monster Tangram creation.

Don’t miss out on all the fun! Come down to Metrix Create: Space and help us celebrate. 

Saturday, October 15, 7 PM until….