Many thanks to all of you who came out to celebrate the Metrix Create:Space 2-Year Anniversary! And those of you who couldn’t make it: Shame on you! You missed out on a seriously fun night of drinking and making.

We know you are all dying to find out who the winners are of the very first

                           Metrix Create:Contest/Tangram Edition

It was rough out here for a Tangram creation, and a few sadly did not survive the judging process (given the somewhat impaired motor skills of our fine judges). But all were nonetheless judged…

…and here are the winners by category (as defined by the judges):

Most Creative (set of clear glass space invaders)


Tallest (blown glass bowl)


(the creation in the center-Adam)

Most Surprising (Sack of Neon Audience)



Simple yet Novel (Gift Certificate)


(Terence Tam-creation on right)

Most Intricate (Small blue print)


(Terence Tam?)

Most Colorful (set of three ceramic shot glasses-from our newest batch)


Best Use of Axial Symmetry (Taco Bell print)


All winners please come claim your prizes at Metrix before they get buried under our ever growing pile of things that might be useful someday.

Thanks again for sharing in the fun and we hope to see you all soon at Metrix with some awesome projects!