The Create:Space will be closed for Thanksgiving. We’ll be back for all your maker needs on Friday.

When we open again on Friday, we’ll have a new feature for you: the junk box. Most great tinkerers and artists that I’ve met have a junk box. The junk in that box isn’t useless stuff, though. This junk is there for inspiration and for random materials. I see people looking in their junk box when they need something, but don’t know what it is. I see them using the junk box when they don’t know what there next project will be. It’s a great place to get ideas and to see old things in a new way.

With this in mind, Black Friday is the the debut of the Create:Space’s new Junk Box. This is a ratty old card board box filled with magical treasures that are yours for the taking. Here are the rules:

1) If you bring something for the box, you can take something for free.
2) If you want something without trading, it costs a dollar.
3) If you want to leave something without trading, it costs a dollar.
4) No hazardous materials.

The box already has lots of cool things. Come see if there’s anything to inspire your next great project.