building mendel, fixing extruder

One of the things about Metrix Create:Space that makes me happy is that it has become a hub for DIY 3D printing. We have one of the first 100 makerbots, and we have seen that community grow.  We have built printers from scratch and from kits, and have ripped apart commercial beasts.  Bre Pettis saw his first RepRap Mendel print here. Saturdays are slated for 3D printer topics, and we have a lot of 3D printers that just stop by now and then.  At one point, we had 8 printers printing in the shop.  This week we poured 20+ clonedels, and they’re on their way to help grow the 3D printing community.  It’s hard to say we don’t just breathe this stuff.

Makerbot Industries has issued a challenge, and we are positive that the Seattle Makerbot/Mendel User Group (SMUG) can win.  We know that Makerbot knows there are more bots in Seattle than anywhere else, and we know we’ve seen a lot flow through here.   There are countless school programs, most notably the UW’s Open3DP which are just pushing 3D to the edge.  Washington loves 3D Printing.

If you have a Makerbot (or a Mendel), come down to Metrix on Saturday (March 12th) at 6PM and represent the State of 3D Printing

As a bonus for those of you on the fence, if you print (and bring) a Wade’s Extruder,  I’ll give you a set of titanium springs.