Arduino is a great platform for creating awesome projects both small and large in scale and varying in complexity. It pairs a board packed with fun components and an open source programming software. The board integrates a microcontroller with a set of inputs and outputs. The inputs can be as simple as a button or a switch or as fancy as real time streaming data. The outputs can be motors that make things move or anything else that you might dream up. Check out the Arduino website for downloading the software and learning more about what this tool offers.

The Intro to Arduino Workshop offers a place for complete beginners as well as those with a bit more experience with electronics and programming. Through a set of quick, hands on projects, we will be going over the basics of the Arduino Uno board and the programming platform. The workshop will set you up with a nice foundation to start creating your own exciting projects, from home monitoring systems to robots that make things happen to flashy lighting designs. We’ll provide the knowledge, you bring the inspiration!