A heart for your valentine

We are excited to announce the next Makeshop!  Come down on Monday, February 7th at 7pm, to creating unique, laser-cut valentine cards.  Allison (of Inkscape for the Laser Cutter workshop) will host and provide a crash course in using Inkscape during the first 15 minutes.  After that, we’ll have various papers and card stocks, glue, and the laser engraver waiting for you to use.  Allison will be around to help you turn your idea into awesome paper-craft.  We will be limiting the number of participants and encourage you to sign up in advance (either call or come down to the shop).  The makeshop is $25 per person. 

Yesterday, I spent some time repairing my phone.  If you follow our flikr feed, you may have noticed the pictures I posted… It was very sad:

Very sad phone.

The only part I needed was the screen; the phone’s functionality was miraculously unharmed.  The screen came from the other side of the world in a box that is not what it says on the outside, but it’s the right shape, size, and whatnot.  I cast about for the necessary tools and it turns out we either had all of them or I could make them out of what we do have (note the shape-lock “pry tool”):

It turns out fingernails are a pretty awesome pry tool, anyway, so between them both, it worked out well. 

Some new double-sided tape, many glass shards later, and flipping the speaker around once and my phone is as good as new!

Like new!

I’m super excited that I had everything I needed here at the shop and could just sit down and do the job.  Self-Repair Manifesto, anyone?