We opened up yesterday and I was so busy I couldn’t blog about it at the time. I have to say, it was awesome to meet neighbors, get some members in the door and get an idea of how this show is going to go.

Thanks to the folks at CHS Blog for getting the word out, and thanks to the SeattleWireless HackNight crew, this never would have been possible without your hard hard work over the past few months.

The Go table turned out to be popular, with people teaching and learning how to play. Dave even showed us his App Engine driven Go game.

I finally got to meet Comrade Bunny, and she did a little write up on Life on the Hill about the grand opening. She also dropped off a flyer for the Seattle Mayoral Candidate Forum (presented by the CHCC), which reminded me I need to put up a bulletin board.

Everyone seems to have loved the vending machine, and there were a couple of arduino projects going on until close. The Hack the Badges still haven’t showed up yet, which is making me think the USPS might have wondered what all the blinking was about and delayed the mail.

Not everyone seems to have loved the espresso bot at first sight, but I think once they start hanging out, they’ll come around. I have been drinking this stuff for a month or two now and although I do love those Vivace lattes, the Vita beans have been doing pretty well by the robot. And you cannot beat the price anywhere on the hill.

It’s time to open the doors for day two, so I’ll stop writing and go do that.

I’ll try to get those lights installed on the tables too.