Art through Repetition

If you didn’t catch that the laser etch featured in the last post was done on a pumpkin, take a minute to consider the possibilities… you’re sitting around a warm campfire, eating s’mores, when suddenly a bear pops out of the forest and says to you,… -Oh, wait- that’s the wrong story.  In any case, we haven’t thought of all the possibilities, but we do know that you could make some pretty sweet pumpkin* Halloween art with the laser.  

And in case you’re still looking for ideas for that killer costume- check out our workshops and get yourself some electronics, Arduino, and laser love:


Advanced I/O for the Arduino
Sunday, October 10   2-4pm
Cost: $50 for non-members
The importance of the Arduino is mostly in how you can interface it with the rest of the analog world. We’ll talk about using analog inputs to sense light and sound. We’ll also go over using PWM to control the brightness of LEDs. Lastly, we’ll cover how to use servo motors.  This class comes with several sensors and other components. 
You’ll need your laptop, a breadboard, and Arduino with USB cable.

Inkscape for Laser Cutting
Thursday, October 14  7-9:30pm
Cost: $50 for non-members

This workshop is an introduction to Inkscape, focusing on the tools needed for laser cutting. It is appropriate for those who have never used or have limited experience with Inkscape.  The last half hour of the class is supervised design time where you can create your own 3”x5” design and have it cut it out in 3mm thick birch using the laser cutter. 
This workshop requires a laptop with the latest version of Inkscape installed and a mouse with a scroll wheel.

Introduction to Electronics
Sunday, October 17   2-4:30pm
Cost: $50 for non-members
This workshop covers everything you need to know to get started in electronics. We’ll start from the basics of electricity and work our way up to using integrated circuits. Fading, blinking, and dimming LEDs help demonstrate key electronics concepts. You’ll leave this workshop with a kit of everything you need to build the circuits we cover.

Inkscape for Laser Cutting
Saturday, October 23  2-4:30pm
Cost: $50 for non-members

Intro to the Arduino
Thursday, October 28  7-9pm
Cost: $50 for non-members, plus a $10 materials fee
This workshop will cover the basics of the Arduino. We’ll go over what it is, what it can do, and why you’d want to use it. We’ll also go over a couple of basic programs. This course is great for people who’ve never programmed before and have no microcontroller experience.  If you like to learn things sequentially and individually, you may want to consider attending the Intro to Electronics workshop first.   
With Intro to Arduino, we’ll give you a breadboard and some simple components.  The $10 fee gets you an arduino and USB cable. This workshop requires a laptop (if you aren’t paying the materials fee for an arduino, you will need to bring an Arduino Duemilanove and USB cable as well).

*Pumpkin must be smaller than approximately 8” in diameter.  Pumpkin-like, edible (or non-edible) gourds and squash may or may not produce similar results.  For cutting through the pumpkin, it must be scooped out; etching and vector cuts can be done in either state.