Modular Origami with our Artist in Residence, Iole Alessandrini

Learn to make Kusudama origami or modular origami! 

The word Kusudama comes from Kusuri, meaning Medicine, and Tama, meaning Ball. Medicine balls were unique containers made of folded paper pieces sewn together, and were used to store incense and herbs. We will turn flat pieces of paper into pyramids, and use the pyramids to create 30-sided globes. Please join us for a 10 minute introduction to modular geometry followed by 2+ hours of hands on on making your Kusadama Origami.

About the Teaching Artist: Iole Alessandrini is our artist in residence at Metrix Create: Space. This is her first of a series of three-dimensional projects. She is at MCS to use the tools of a fabrication lab while immersed in our distinctive community of artists, innovators and professionals. While at the lab she will be offering creative workshops geared to young and old alike, that build on and reflect her experience of making art at MCS. More about iole here: