#BTBootcamp: App and Assembly

On day two of our Bluetooth Low Energy class, Morgan will prepare you to design an Android app to go with that sweet board you designed on day one. After that, the remaining workshop time is devoted to assembly and testing. Morgan will be available for support until 5, but feel free to stay later if you're on a roll.

From six to midnight, Morgan is leading a circuit design exercise called Circuit Church at the shop, so he may be willing to provide limited support during that time. If you do end up getting help from Morgan after the workshop is officially over, we recommend buying him a present. Chocolate is always nice. 

Come with a laptop and a basic understanding of electronics and programming. Not sure if you're ready? Shoot us an email. The $400 registration fee covers two days of instruction plus board fabrication and all project-standard components. 

This is a two day workshop. You cannot register for one day only. Consult the calendar listing for yesterday to see how we got here.