Lock Impressioning Workshop: Make a key for any lock.

This is a very special workshop on IMPRESSIONING, a covert entry technique used to generate a working key for a lock given only information obtained by manipulating a *blank key* in a lock.

Unlike lockpicking, impressioning creates a fully working key for the lock which can be used to lock and unlock the cylinder at will. With practice, this technique can consistently create a key in 10-15 minutes (and potentially faster)!

This will be a full, hands-on workshop on this technique.

Your host for this workshop is special guest Jos Weyers. Coming all the way from Amsterdam, Jos is a world champion at impressioning. He is currently the Champion of The Netherlands and Germany as well as the US (which all host international competitions)


Here's a video of Jos impressioning a standard five pin ABUS cylinder in ONE MINUTE during the 2010 German Impressioning Championships: 


You will be provided with a special set of quality tools to do this technique. 

* Impressioning file (A very fine round file)
* Key holder

* Blank keys

We will supply all the gear you need to practice during the workshop, but it’s also fine if you want to try it on your own hardware.

The file, key holder, and keys will be yours to keep after the event (more than $80 worth of gear)

No prior lockpicking experience needed!