Introduction to Intellectual Property 6/15


“The need to protect your intellectual property can raise a lot of questions. Are you curious about whether you need a patent to protect your big idea? Do you need to know where patent protection stops and copyright protection begins? Are you worried about protecting your confidential trade secrets? Or maybe it’s time to establish and trademark your brand? 

Targeted at both entrepreneurs and the merely curious, the Intro to IP course aims to give participants a basic understanding of the four main areas of intellectual property: patent, copyright, trade secret, and trademark. With this knowledge you will better be able to determine what kinds of protection are appropriate for your ideas and creations. You’ll also have a better understanding of what you need to do to avoid infringing the IP of others.”

This workshop is presented by local attorney, Ryan Meyer.  Ryan is an Intellectual Property lawyer who has worked on all areas of IP litigation, including patent, trademark, trade secret and copyright.  His areas of technical familiarity include telecom, mechanical and electronic devices, software, biotech and pharmaceutical compounds and methods.   If you've been wondering about legal protection for your ideas, you shouldn't miss this workshop.

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