Because of who we are (hackers of all ages) and where we are (residential/business district), when we decided to set up PCB Fabrication for our electronics work, we decided it had to follow some strict guidelines.     Our lab had to be safe.  It had to be capable.  It had to be fast.     We started down our path and built it, without compromise.

 Strangely, our choices led us to build out more than just a chemical free workspace. 

The Advanced Circuits Lab at Metrix Create:Space is our most cutting edge process and  currently the fastest way to prototype sophisticated electronics that we are aware of.   We can take your file and spin a printed circuit board for prototype in less time than it may take to return a phone call at other shops.     

The Advanced Circuits Lab is incredibly safe as it does not involve hazardous chemical storage or waste.  Using a precision IR laser, It is a blazingly fast process, and the capabilities are awesome.

We can now create boards with advanced features and better than chemical accuracy using a completely dry process.

Our main machine is a LPKF Protolaser S that directly ablates copper, gold and other metals from  laminates, ceramics and polyamide films.  A CNC PCB Plotter covers drills and custom countour routes.  With our lamination press and a no-pin process, we have the capacity to build up to 16 layer boards.   Through our research and efforts, we have also developed a method to laser structure and press a dry soldermask using heat resistant polyamide film.  

 Building prototype electronics has never been this accessible, or this fast.  We can build breakouts and experimental boards in less than an hour, so you can iterate quickly through designs and test your theories in hardware.   In today's hardware startups, building fast is one of the tenets, if not the most important rule.

  Our process is extremely accurate.  With a 25um beam and the right substrate we can hit a 2 mil trace/space.  Boardhouse limits are no limit here.

Analog and RF applications? Not a problem. Create Filters, planar components, microstrip and more.  Straight lines are straight, with no chemical variances.

We have built circuits on FR4, Rogers,  a variety of polyamides and more.  We've even taken our tools past their limits and used them to create active components.  If you have a special project, or just want results in a hurry, contact us now.   Make something awesome.


Protolaser - $12.50/minute - material not included

Protolabor - $75/hr - includes CAM, drilling, routing and other cage labor.

LPKF Protolaser S

LPKF Protolaser S


Time Estimates 

This is subject to availability of lab tech in the cage, and an estimate of time.  not price.    

Turnaround Time: 1 hour 

1 sided board.  

Turnaround Time: 2 hour

2 sided board. No through hole plating.  

Turnaround Time: 4 hours

2 sided board. Through hole plating with silver conductive epoxy.

Turnaround Time: 1 day

2 sided board. Through hole plating with silver conductive epoxy. Pressed/Laminated polyamide solderstop. 

Pricing Example 

Medium single sided board (Arduino shield) with mostly surface mount parts, 1 drill size and custom contour routing.

~4 minute of laser ablation time.
minimum 5 minute charge (non member)  - $62.50

ProtoLabor:  $75 per hour, includes CAM, drilling, routing and setup/prep work. 
prorated to 1/2 hour - $37.50 

$100 - Total price for walk-in customer

$87.50 - Total price for member